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  • Civil Engineering

    • Roadway and Storm Drainage Design
    • Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation and Design
    • Sanitary Outfall Pipe Rehabilitation and Design
    • Dewatering System Analysis and Design
    • Sanitary and Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment System Evaluation and Design
    • Municipal Roadways and Parking Lot Design
    • Mechanical Equipment and HVAC Analysis and Design
    • NYSDEC Phase II Storm Water Management Planning and Implementation
    • Multi Hazard Mitigation Planning and Implementation.
  • Construction, Structural, and Architectural Design

    • Commercial Building Design
    • Development of Cost Effective Corrective Options
    • Evaluation of Construction Problems and Structural Failures
    • Construction Management, Administration, and Observation
    • Electrical Power and Control System Design
    • Controlled Inspections Including Technical Reports for Certificates of Occupancy.
  • Environmental Engineering

    • Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
    • Spill File Closures and No Further Action Determinations
    • Spill Report Assistance
    • Design of Systems to Remediate Groundwater and Soil Contamination
    • Expert Testimony and Tax Certiorari Support
    • Soil, Water, and Air Quality Monitoring
    • Air Emission Evaluation and Title V Permitting
    • Voluntary Remediation, such as Brownfields
    • Creation of Work Plans for Submittal to Regulatory Agencies
    • Regulatory Assistance
    • New York City CEQR Investigations
    • UST/AST Compliance and Remedial Investigations as well as Tank Removals and/or Abandonments Including All Necessary Documentation
    • Computer Modeling of Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport
    • Risk-Based Corrective Action.
  • Expert Testimony/Litigation Support

    • Determination of Contaminant Sources and Movement
    • Treatment System Evaluation
    • Development of Cost Effective Corrective Options
    • Evaluation of Pipeline and Structural Failures
    • Evaluation of Construction Problems and Cost Over-Runs
  • Mechanical, Electric and Controls Design

    • Electrical Power Supply and Distribution
    • Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems layout
    • Specialty Controls System
    • Mechanical piping layouts for potable water supply groundwater remediation systems and commercial buildings
  • Municipal Engineering and Design

    • Parking Lot and Drainage Design as per HUD Specifications for Funding
    • Design of Water Supply Wells and Treatment Systems
    • Potable Water System Evaluation
    • DEC Phase II Storm Water Management Planning and Implementation
    • All Hazard Mitigation Planning and Implementation
  • Site Planning

    • Prepare Land Division and Subdivisions, full site plan layouts including topography, road profiles, drainage, sewer, water, cut and fill calculations including preparing filed mapping.
  • Water Supply and Resources Engineering and Design

    • Design of Water Supply Wells and Treatment Systems
    • Potable Water System Evaluation, Planning and Technical Assistance
    • Analysis of Water Quality Threats
    • Assistance with Federal, State and Local Regulatory Compliance
    • Development of Conservation Plans, Availability and Estimated Use Studies
    • Water Main Rehabilitation and Design
    • Formulation and Defense of Developer Charges
    • Vulnerability Assessments and Security Enhancements

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