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From the Desk of Nancy Shemet,
Environmental Scientist:

“So… why exactly are you digging in the dirt?” As an environmental scientist, “digging in the dirt” is all part of a day’s work. (Although the more professional terminology is “soil sampling”.) Soil is so much more complex than people realize. It’s teeming with life! Bacteria, worms, fungi, and insects all call soil home. Not […]

From the Desk of Dylan Clemente,
Project Engineer:

Design of Concrete Foundations (Or A Building Is Only As Strong As Its Foundation) Are you thinking about starting a new construction project? Are you looking to construct a new building, or add an extension to your home’s floorplan? If so then you are going to need a foundation designed for your project. Many people […]

From the Desk of Daniel Mastrocco
Project Engineer:

Why does it actually take that long to obtain a pool construction permit? Have you been thinking about constructing or renovating your commercial pool for the summer start? You are definitely not alone, the beginning of spring going into summer is an incredibly popular time for swimming pool construction. Even though summer is still a […]

From the Desk of Mia Tagliagambe
Project Engineer:

“What are you doing?!” “Are you from the town?” “Are you supposed to be here?”   These are questions I get asked often while I am on site performing Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan inspections also known as SWPPP (Pronounced SWIP). After a couple of times of being asked the same questions it occurred to me […]

From the desk of Jim Ferraiuolo
Environmental Scientist:

What is Environmental Science?  Well, the best way to truly grasp the meaning of Environmental Science is to break it down into its components.  Environmental- relating to your surroundings.  Science- the process of how we come to observe, interpret, and explain the unknown.  Therefore, Environmental Science- the observation, interpretation, and explanation of the unknown elements […]

Engineering Designer/CADD Operator

J.R. Holzmacher P.E., LLC a multidiscipline engineering and environmental consulting firm, in Ronkonkoma, NY seeks a Designer/CADD Operator/Staff Engineer. This position is a mid-level position for candidates with five years or more of relevant work experience. This position provides excellent growth opportunities for professionals to work with a team of engineers & architects on a […]

Project Structural Engineer

J.R. Holzmacher P.E., LLC engineering is seeking a mid level Project Engineer to join our in Ronkonkoma, NY office. This position provides excellent growth opportunity for professionals to work with a team of engineers on a variety of projects in the public and private sectors. Job Responsibilities Planning, design and development of building structures and facilities. Experienced with […]

J. Robert Holzmacher, P.E.

Fields of Competence Design and implementation of soil and ground water investigations; Groundwater and soil remediation system design; Remediation system analysis, optimization, operational support and value engineering; Analysis of ground water flow systems and interpretation of water quality data; Contaminant fate and transport modeling; Air emission evaluation, modeling and regulatory compliance; Numerical modeling and data […]